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WEEK,,no,AND,,no,In these weeks there will be reduced production due to vacation,,no,It will sometimes be difficult to reach us by phone,,no,If you can not answer the phone,,no,please send mail,,no,to,,da,It will be read sporadically,,no,From week,,no,are all back and full production again,,no 44 OG 45

I disse ukene vil det være redusert produksjon grunnet ferie. Det vil også til tider være vanskelig å nå oss på telefon. Om dere ikke får svar på telefon 33 45 30 35, please send mail to,no. Den vil bli lest sporadisk. Fra uke 46 er alle tilbake og full produksjon igjen.

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Prices on our lifts and spreaders have been the same for several years,,no,By a review, we now see that we have to change the prices of our lifting axes from,,no,november,,en,Please contact us for further information,,no,Lifting beams,,no,NEW PRICES FROM,,da,NOVEMBER,,en. Ved en gjennomgang ser vi nå at vi må endre prisene på våre løfteåk fra 1 november. Contact us for further information and sending new price lists,no.

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Welcome to Technomek

Technomek AS is a company that repairs and manufactures mostly in mechanics and metal products. The company was started in 1992 by Kåre-Jan Johansen, som i dag er daglig leder. Technomek har pr i dag 4 employees. We have over,da 30 års erfaring i bransjen. Our production consists of its own and customers' products. Våre ansatte har kompetanse innen dreiing,

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Yokes / Spraying

Is the spreader okay? Time passes quickly towards the boating season and discharge of boats. It is good to have checked in good time before the season about a need new spreader or just need some new parts.

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