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Yokes / Spraying

Is the spreader okay? Time passes quickly towards the boating season and discharge of boats. It is good to have checked in good time before the season about a need new spreader or just need some new parts.

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Moro med snø når en har sin egenproduserte snøfreser 🙂

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Tired of turnings or other metal waste that take a lot of space. We have the solution. Check out our CHIPMAX 2014 also called CHIP PRESS.  

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Welcome to Technomek

Technomek AS is a company that repairs and manufactures mostly in mechanics and metal products. Our production consists of its own and customers' products. The company was started in 1992 by Kåre-Jan Johansen, and as of today 4 employees. Kåre-Jan Johansen's CEO. We have 30 years of experience and expertise in turning, milling, Welding (tig, Me, mma),

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We men “The Big bang”

Here is a bit about us from Vi Menn week 38 i 2014…….

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