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Fueltank til Antarktis,en

Technomek AS leverer varer world wide 🙂

Vi takker Flybunkringsservice AS og Polar Instituttet for dette spennende oppdraget.

Tanking av fly på Sydpolen 2 Kjetil i tank Sydpolen 2

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New manual Yokes / Spredebom

There is now a new manual on spreader / spredebom underside:

  • Products – spreader

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Mekanikerens kUBE

This is incredibly cool. Thomas whose practice space with us has made this. Cube will be made out of one square metal blank. By simply using milling he milled so that it finally has been 3 cubes inside each other. We think this is knallfin and will share it with you.

Mekaniker kube 1

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Meeting with nutrient- and the Minister of Justice in Oslo 4. March 2016

Proposals from Kåre-Jan Johansen <How to Speed ​​Up Norway>

Always nice to get talked to people at the top of the food chain. This was the stuff I brought up.

  • History that has given rise to my proposed amendments
  • today's support
  • Tomorrow's system and support systems
  • An inventor has usually only a good idea and no money for the project, and no marketing expertise
  • Oil Fund must be actively used to take a high risk in Norwegian development of future technologies on all fronts, BUT THIS MUST BE IN NORWAY!!
  • Attitudes must change to how we can help you within the current framework
  • The great things that will really speed up your AS Norway
  • Konkurranse utsett det å få løst utfordringer i forbindelse store og viktige innovasjoner. Her må det premier i millionklassen til!
  • Diverse views
  • Proposed innovations that Norway could have taken hold of and which could have a major economic and green significance for Norway in the form of export products


I believe that one must replace adage THINK BIG, with
THINK SMART AND SHOW IMPLEMENTATION CAPACITY,no. (One should not just think, but create something)


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Tired of turnings or other metal waste that take a lot of space.
We have the solution.
Check out our CHIPMAX 2014 also called CHIP PRESS.


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Yokes / Spraying

Is the spreader okay? Time passes quickly towards the boating season and discharge of boats. Da er det godt å ha sjekket i god tid før sesongen om en trenger nytt løfteåk eller bare trenger some new parts.Larson 370 Cabrio heises  - med løfteåk fra Technomek AS

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Welcome to Technomek

Technomek AS is a company that repairs and manufactures mostly in mechanics and metal products. Our production consists of its own and customers' products. The company was started in 1992 by Kåre-Jan Johansen, and as of today 4 employees. Kåre-Jan Johansen's CEO. We have 30 years of experience and expertise in turning, milling, Welding (tig, Me, mma), machine building and Troubleshooting.

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We men “The Big bang”

Here is a bit about us from Vi Menn week 38 i 2014…….

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