About Us

Technomek AS is a mechanical company that repairs and manufactures mostly in mechanics and metal products. The company was started in 1992 by Kåre-Jan Johansen, and as of today 4 employees. Kåre-Jan Johansen's CEO. We have over,da 30 years of experience and expertise in turning, milling, Welding (tig, Me, mma), machine building and Troubleshooting.

We consider ourselves a small local company with an effective communication line between the customer and us,no.

Customer base consists primarily of corporate and consumer markets:
Fly- and the helicopter industry, Racing
Occupational- and recreational boats
Lifting Equipment Suppliers
Factories and manufacturers


We have the equipment to perform the following:

CNC 6 axis lathe with bar feeder tray.
CNC Machine Rings center / milling machines
CNC plasma cutting machine for pipes and plates 1.5 x3m
CNC pressbrake
CNC bandsaw with 60 and 45 degree miter
CNC halvstyrt dreiebenk

Plan Grinder
Shears with motorized baka kind
80 ton punch press / profile iron scissors.
Gear milling
Gear shutdown machine
Tools Sanders for staying and sizzles in HSS and HM
Balancing equipment up to 100.000rpm.

Dalic elektropleterings equipment to manually add Cadmium, krom, nikkel, copper and most other metals in most types of metals.

Glass Blowing cabinet
Thermal flame spray equipment to add metals and ceramics on all types of surfaces.
Custom hose department to create hydraulic and other snakes

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