concrete Bucket and crane,no

tt-002Technomek has produced betongtobber aluminum ago 1996.

Our tobs mainly go for helicopter lifts of concrete and gravel,no, but the construction industry has also opened its eyes to how useful these lightweight tubs are for trucks and tower cranes,,no,six hundred tobs. & nbsp; These are continuously developed based on wishes and tips from customers,,no,we often adapt the product to the customer's wishes and needs,,no,The tubes are now also used by several salmon farms to move feed and salmon in fish farms.,,no,but produces other sizes all the way up to,,no,liters on order with typical,,da,weeks delivery time,,no.

We have produced about. sekshundre tobber. Disse blir kontinuerlig utviklet ut ifra ønsker og tips fra kunder. Anything we get very good feedback. vi tilpasser ofte produktet til kundens ønsker og behov.

The tubes are now also used in salmon farming to move feed and salmon in fish farms.,no.

The quality and durability of our concrete tobb is very good.

Betongtobbene has been delivered to operators as far away as Peru.

We have 560 Tobbe liter of stock, men produserer andre størrelser helt opp til 1500 liter på bestilling med typisk 1-3 ukers leveringstid.

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