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Artikkel om Technomek AS i Maskinregisteret

Nice mention about us in the Machine Register,,no,Article about Technomek AS in the Machine Register,,no.

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Vinterisolert betongtobb

Reportasje om Technomek sine vinterisolerte tobber/betongtobber med lokk.

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Betongtobber aluminum,sv

Betongtobber aluminum,sv, with steel hatch mechanism,,no,The market's lightest concrete slab in its class,,no,The standard model is intended for crane or helicopter lifting,,no,The masonry model with gutter is intended for pickup and trailer,,no,To transport cement from works and to construction sites with the option of tapping cement directly into a wheelbarrow or formwork,,no,The tubes are also used to lift completely different things than concrete and gravel,,no,Including grain,,no,fisk,,en,div powder,,no,pelets,,en,stone and crushed stone up to 70mm,,no,Advantages of our concrete blocks,,no. Markedets letteste betongtobb i sin klasse. Standard modellen er beregnet for kran eller helikopter løft. Murer modellen med renne er beregnet for pickup og tilhenger. For å frakte sement fra verk og til byggeplass med mulighet for å tappe sement rett i trillebår eller forskalling. Tobbene blir også

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Our lifting yokes and spreading booms are well known and popular throughout Scandinavia,,no,After the introduction of the adjustable variant that can be set with,,no,cm,,en,intervals, customers have become more and more interested in this solution,,no,This is available either as a spreading boom or as a square yoke adjustable in one or two directions,,da. Etter introduksjonen av den stillbare varianten som kan stilles med 25 cm. intervaller har kundene fattet større og større interesse for denne løsningen. Denne fås enten som spredebom eller som firkant åk stillbar i en eller to retninger.

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Yokes / Spraying

Is the spreader okay? Time goes fast towards the boating season and the release of boats. Then it is good to have checked well in advance of the season if you need a new lifting yoke or just need some new parts.

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Welcome to Technomek

Technomek AS is a company that repairs and manufactures mostly in mechanics and metal products. The company was started in 1992 by Kåre-Jan Johansen, som i dag er daglig leder. Technomek har pr i dag 4 employees. We have over,da 35 års erfaring i bransjen. Our production consists of its own and customers' products. Our employees have expertise in CNC turning,,no,CNC milling and welding,,no,Our strongest expertise is in problem solving and machine building,,no,Something you think we can contribute,,no,

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